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Celtin Clardie

Celtin Clardie

Regional Field Coordinator
Campus Leadership Program | National Field Program

Celtin Clardie is the Leadership Institute’s Regional Field Coordinator for the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Missouri where he manages a network of over 100 student groups. In this role he travels across the Midwest identifying, training, and equipping conservative, libertarian, pro-life, and pro-Israel minded students to make an impact on their campus.

Since high school he has been heavily involved politics. Throughout his time as a homeschooled student he traveled and worked on campaigns with the organization Generation Joshua in addition to other civic involvement including lobbying at various state capitols for homeschool rights and assisting with several local and statewide elections. In the Fall of 2019, Celtin served as the Leadership Institute’s Field Representative for the state of Illinois where he was able to organize over 1,700 conservative/libertarian students across the state in hosting over 50 activism events, hosting over 30 speakers, and creating 15 new student organizations on campus. Throughout his time at the Leadership Institute Celtin has started over 150 student organizations, identified nearly 10,000 conservative students, and taught various trainings.

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