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Amanda Spiers

Amanda Spiers

Christian Leadership Program Manager
Campus Leadership Program | Christian Leaders Program

Amanda Spiers is the Leadership Institute’s Christian Leadership Program Manager. She travels to college campuses across the country to identify talented Christian students on college campuses and recruit them for mentorship by the Leadership Institute. She connects these students with training, networking, internship, and job opportunities throughout the conservative and Christian movements, helping them take advantage of the opportunities presented to them and develop them into future Christian conservative leaders.

Previously, Amanda was a Senior Regional Field Coordinator in the Leadership Institute's Campus Leadership Program. She mobilized hundreds of politically inclined students throughout Florida, organized over 50 speaker events, and established coalitions on campus while managing a network of 120 conservative groups across the state.

In addition, as a Senior Regional Field Coordinator, she mentored a team of 8 Regional Field Coordinators, training and helping each of them meet their goals and objectives.

Amanda first got involved with the Leadership Institute as an intern in the Youth Leadership School department. She helped organize training programs that teach students the skills to become youth coordinators.

Amanda was the President of the campus Turning Point USA chapter and a Gold Leader in PragerU’s student program. She also served on PragerU’s Outreach committee, where she arranged partnerships between the organization and influencers across the country.

Amanda was homeschooled throughout high school and is now attending Liberty University online toward a degree in business management.

She has a background working with churches across denominations in various capacities and volunteering at ministry conferences across the US in the marketplace and kids ministry. Amanda has attended several of the nation’s leading homeschool training programs and conferences. Currently, Amanda serves in youth ministry at her home church in DC.


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