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David Morgan

David Morgan

Campus Ambassador Coordinator
Campus Leadership Program | National Field Program

David Morgan is serving as the Campus Ambassador Program Coordinator. The Campus Ambassador Program works to mentor elite student leaders accoss the country by equiping them with materials and the knwoledge to grow their organization, activism efforts, and professional devlopment. Moreover,, this program seeks to connect conservative student organizations to combine efforts and improve their impact as a whole. 

David's career started as an intern for Jeff Bartos, a PA senate canidate. Following the senate race, David moved to work for Dwayne Morris Government Strategies, a national lobbying firm. In this role, he worked to conduct legislative research and produce media content for the firms' website. Following this position, David was hired as a Research Assistant to study the economic effect of the US-China trade war and the Russia-Ukraine war. 

In May of 2023, David took over his current postion from Charlotte Townsend, who set the strong foundation for the Campus Ambassador Program. 

During his time at Penn State, David served for two years on the executive board as the Secretary and Chief of Staff for College Republicans which grew to be the largest politcal organization on campus. The following year he served as the politcal director of the group. Concurrently, David also served on the Pennsylvannia state board of College Republicans as the Outreach Director and as Chief of Staff. Furthermore, he served two years on the Student Government and was the schools Sexual Violence and Prevention Liason. In 2023, David graduated with degrees in Politcal Science and Communication Arts and Sciences. 

David was raised in Virignia and has experience working with multiple campaigns. He currently resides in Fairfax, Va. 



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