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 Josh Emerick

Josh Emerick

Florida Deputy Director
Programs | Grassroots

Josh Emerick is a dedicated professional with a rich background in politics, currently serving as the Grassroots Deputy Director of Florida with the Leadership Institute. As the founder of his own firm, combined with over 16 years of experience in political consulting, legislative communications, and campaign management, Josh’s journey in politics has been marked by his commitment to grassroots and a desire to see the next generation rise up to take their place as activists and leaders.

Hailing from Southwest Michigan, Josh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science & Business from Roosevelt University in Chicago and a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership from Southeastern University. His expertise has been crucial in numerous campaigns, including both local and federal roles with Mike Pence (U.S. House), Rob Sisson (Michigan State House), Mark Kirk for U.S. Senate, Tom Cotton for U.S. House, Mitt Romney for President (2012), Marco Rubio for President (2016), Mike Rahn (Manatee County Commission), and other local and municipal elections in Michigan, Arkansas, Indiana, Texas, and Florida.

Josh also serves on the national Young Republican stage as the Training & Education Chair of the Young Republican National Federation and formerly served as the Political Director of the Florida Young Republicans (FLYR). Josh played a pivotal role in growing FLYR statewide with Florida recently securing the Young Republican National Federation’s “Outstanding Progress Award.” In recognition of his contributions, Josh was honored as the FLYR's “Man of the Year” in 2023. Additionally, Josh spearheaded a valuable collaboration between the Leadership Institute and the Florida Young Republicans, offering essential training to over a thousand young conservatives across the State of Florida.

In his spare time, Josh enjoys kayaking, reading, playing guitar, relaxing on the beach, watching the newest comedy show, and cheering on his Michigan Wolverines in football. He currently calls Jacksonville, FL home.

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