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Holly Osborne Horn

Holly Osborne Horn

Colorado Deputy Director
Programs | Grassroots

Holly Horn is an experienced political consultant and campaign manager. She was born in eastern Kentucky to a Pastor of a small church where they worked the family farm until relocating to Virginia during high school. At a small Christian school, Holly was inspired to get more involved politically by her U.S. Government teacher and she quickly got to work on local and state level campaigns. In 2002, she went on to work as a Constituent Services Representative in the Office of United States Senator George Allen of Virginia. Throughout her time there she handled transportation and education issues, assisted with Military Academy candidate selection, and traveled the Tidewater area on behalf of Senator Allen. In 2005, she entered the private sector working as a government contractor planning agency conferences. For over a decade, Holly remained politically involved as a grassroots activist and campaign volunteer in Kentucky and Virginia where she had the opportunity to see first hand what worked with volunteers and what didn't.

Holly and her husband of 16 years relocated to Castle Rock, Colorado in 2017 for his career. They have two school-aged sons and like so many parents became concerned over issues with their son's education during the COVID pandemic school shut downs of 2020 and 2021. Again, Holly became inspired to get more involved politically to make a difference in getting our school district to allow students to return to school. She helped organize a recall effort of the sitting Board Directors to pressure them into re-opening schools and it worked so the recall effort was suspended. Holly was then asked to manage the campaign to flip the board to a conservative majority ousting the four teacher's union funded candidates. The campaign was incredibly successful through raising half a million dollars in donations and a huge outpouring of grassroots support making it possible to secure a huge victory. 

Over the last two years, Holly has managed a successful re-election campaign for Congressman Ken Buck of Colorado's 4th District, a U.S. Senate Campaign and Attorney General's Campaign. She has been a political consultant for a Gubernatorial, State Representative and many other local races.  

Holly joined the Grassroots Team at the Leadership Institute in June 2023 as the Deputy Director of Colorado.  

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