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Gerald Sirotnak

Gerald Sirotnak

California Director
Programs | California Team

Gerald Sirotnak is a highly driven and accomplished political strategist and organizer. With a deep understanding of grassroots to statewide politics, he excels at developing robust strategies that make a real impact. Currently, Gerald serves as the California Director of the Leadership Institute, responsible for overseeing the training of politicos all across California.

Before this, Gerald served as the Campaign Manager for Ken Calvert's congressional campaign, a seven-figure race that helped secure a majority in the House for the Republican Party. In 2022, he played a critical role in Greg Wallis' Assembly race, successfully flipping a vital seat back to the GOP. In fact, Gerald's expertise was sought after in 10 other races across California, resulting in 9 more conservative victories.

Gerald's experience includes holding positions such as Executive Director of the San Bernardino County Republican Party (SBGOP) and serving on the state board of the California Parent Teacher Association.

Beyond his political pursuits, Gerald dedicates his free time to volunteering with a citizens' group focused on protecting children online. Their efforts have led to hundreds of arrests and convictions of online predators, human traffickers, and individuals seeking to harm children.

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