Koch Foundation funds scholarships at National University of La Jolla
Koch Foundation funds scholarships at National University of La Jolla

National University of La Jolla, CA is proud to announce a limited number of scholarships for three online, undergraduate courses that focus on free-market economics and the philosophical foundations of capitalism. These scholarships are being funded by a grant from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation.

The scholarships cover the full tuition for the courses plus the application fee to NU. These courses can be taken from anywhere in the world, as long as one has access to the internet. They incorporate live chat sessions in which the professor and students interact in a virtual classroom, much as they would in a traditional classroom.

For descriptions of these courses, see the following websites:

ECO 401 – Market Process Economics I: http://www.nu.edu/OurPrograms/SchoolOfBusinessAndManagement/ManagementAndMarketing/Courses/ECO401Syllabus.html

ECO 402 – Market Process Economics II: http://www.nu.edu/OurPrograms/SchoolOfBusinessAndManagement/ManagementAndMarketing/Courses/ECO402Syllabus.html

ECO 430 – Economics and Philosophy: http://www.nu.edu/OurPrograms/SchoolOfBusinessAndManagement/ManagementAndMarketing/Courses/ECO430Syllabus.html

For more information on the scholarships, please email Brian Simpson at bsimpson@nu.edu.