7 Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

5 minute read

Navigating social media can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your experience a little easier.

1. Don’t overwhelm yourself

Choose one to four social media apps to begin with. Don't juggle too many medias. That can lower the quality of your content.

2. Assess your goals

Think about your goals. Followers are easy to track, but gaining followers probably isn’t your end goal. What do you want your followers to do? Do you have a website you want to direct people to? Do you have content you want your followers to see? Do you want a certain amount of donations? Identify your goals, and then create steps to reach them.

3. Make sure your posts are “on message”

Everything you post on your social media should be related to your goals. Stay on message. If you post unrelated topics and content, people may stop following you.

4. Identify your audience

Find which demographics you want to target based on your goals. The tightest and most effective social media strategies are informed by social media demographics. These data-driven insights will guide your strategy, and help you select which social media channels to use. The insights will also help you facilitate the most relevant, targeted approach possible, which in turn will increase your chance of conversions.

5. Engage with your audience

Interact with your audience. Reply to comments, react to your followers' posts, respond to DMs, and follow popular hashtags. Start conversations within the hashtags you frequently post to and it will help you build a likeminded community and bring followers to your page. Regular audience engagement will make your account feel genuine and help you gain a loyal following.

6. Listen to your data

Social media sites let you easily track your data. From there you can see your follower demographics, peak engagement times, and interactions with posts. See when your peak engagement times are. These times are your most important times to post. Your data can also show which posts perform better than others. Take note of this and see if you can replicate the result with similar types of posts in the future.

7. Be patient

No one gains a following overnight. It takes time to grow a strong organic following. The only way to attract users quickly is to spend significant money on advertising, and even then, the results will not be immediate. With constant nurturing your account will steadily grow and help you achieve your goals.

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