Nicole Tardif -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Nicole Tardif brings over ten years of experience in strategic communications, public relations, marketing, and politics. Prior to her current position as Vice President of Operations and Public Affairs at WRS, Nicole spent nearly four years at Stand Together commonly referred to as the “Koch Network,” serving as the Director of Communications where she led rapid response, research, political communications, and the regional communications teams. Charged with driving strategic communications and public relations for all Koch-affiliated brands across the key institutions of government, education, business, and community across the states, Nicole worked mostly closely with Americans for Prosperity’s dedicated grassroots leaders and specifically focused on developing, creating, and implementing all paid media strategies to influence federal and state policy, ballot measures, and elections.

Nicole has also served as spokesperson and Deputy Press Secretary at the Republican National Committee, worked on several campaigns various capacities, for two members of the United States House of Representatives, with the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus, and within the Virginia General Assembly.

Nicole Tardif