Nick Dyer -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Nick Dyer dove headfirst into the public policy process during the 2008 Republican Presidential Primaries, when he was inspired by Ron Paul’s strict adherence to the constitution and limited government. Paul inspired Nick to learn about free markets and limited government, starting with Frederic Bastiat’s The Law. With the the new found knowledge of individual liberty, Nick became dedicated to doing whatever it takes to restore constitutional conservative values.  

After volunteering for a number of grassroots causes, he began full time political work at Young Americans for Liberty in the Fall of 2011 as Communications Intern.  While working at YAL, Nick attended the Leadership Institute's Youth Leadership School and learned numerous techniques to advance the conservative movement.  

After working in Iowa on the Ron Paul presidential campaign, Nick was placed on the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign by Conservative Leadership PAC to work as Youth Outreach Director.  During his time on the campaign Nick was promoted twice to his final role on the campaign as Deputy State Field Director. Nick currently serves on Senator Cruz's full time staff in his Washington, DC office.  His training with LI, as well as the vast resources they provide, have been critical to his success in the conservative movement.

Nick Dyer