A Snow Globe of Reagan’s Vision
On a snowy Wednesday morning, the Leadership Institute welcomed Dr. George Nash, author of The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945, for LI’s monthly Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast.

Dr. Nash is an independent scholar, historian, and lecturer. He specializes in twentieth century American political and intellectual history, which includes the life of Herbert Hoover and the legacy of Ronald Reagan. Dr. Nash is also a senior fellow at the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal.

While sharing President Reagan’s original vision for America, Dr. Nash reminisced, "Reagan could make his point sharply without offending people. His humor had an ecumenical quality.”

He went on to explain how President Reagan feared that America’s memory was slipping away. Dr. Nash described the challenges to Reagan's vision of American exceptionalism.

President Reagan once said, “I am not a great man. I am a man of great ideals.” Dr. Nash implied that many who intend on running for office or are in office today should embrace a similar mindset.

Jean Morrow, an intern in the development department atLI, said: “It was a sobering experience listening to Dr. Nash talk about President Reagan and how he cultivated the idea that America is exceptional.”

Dr. George Nash closed with the notion that Reagan had a national narrative that still resonates today: “If he can rally the city on the Hill, why can’t we?”


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