The Fraud of “Hope” and “Change”
The Leadership Institute welcomed Kate Obenshain, writer, speaker, and frequent Fox News guest, to its monthly Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast.  More than 90 conservatives came early Wednesday morning to hear her discuss Divider-In-Chief, her latest book, and how President Obama has deceived Americans with his hope and change rhetoric.

Kate specifically focused her speech on young Americans and how the Obama administration has affected them.

As she wrote in her book, “Barack Obama has played young people. He reached out to them with soaring speeches championing unity, and they responded to his call to transcend differences and engage in a new kind of politics.  In fact, they responded with more enthusiasm, more genuine hope than any other demographic. And the president repaid their trust with betrayal—becoming not the great united, but the most divisive president in history. He has robbed them of current and future prosperity, perverted their understanding of the value of hard work, ambition, and the American dream, and poisoned their optimism—the very optimism he used to soar to victory in 2008.”

Kate has held many distinguished posts from being the first woman chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia to an appointee for Governors Allen and Gilmore on the State Council of Higher Education to chief of staff to Senator George Allen and serving as vice president of Young America’s Foundation. She has four children and is a regular on Fox News and in other media.

After Kate’s talk, attendees had the opportunity to buy her latest book, Divider-In-Chief: The Fraud of Hope and Change, in person and receive an autographed note.

To listen and watch her full remarks Wednesday, please click here for the video.