LI President Thanks Attendees of the Values Voter Summit's gala

Thank you for your support as I accepted the 2012 James C. Dobson Vision and Leadership Award.  Your attendance at the Family Research Council’s Faith, Family and Freedom Gala was a tangible display of your commitment to defend traditional values against those leftists who seek to fundamentally transform (i.e., ruin) our country. 

In the late 1960s and 1970s, left-wing efforts to undermine traditional values prompted social conservatives to get involved in politics.  Like many of you, I took action.  The subsequent formation of ad hoc coalitions grew into oday’s conservative movement. 

Despite numerous conservative victories since then, the assault on family values and religious faith continues.  Here are just a few chilling examples of leftist bias and abuse my staff exposed this year through the Leadership Institute’s campus website,

·Professor wants to reduce human population by ‘controlling human fertility’

·Lutheran university announces opposition to traditional marriage amendment

·University of Southern Mississippi  professor: ‘Anti-gay’ Chick-fil-A needs to be removed from campus

·College professor: 'Jesus was a Muslim'

·Obama's DOJ Forces University to Allow 38 Year Old Male to Access Women's Restrooms

·Same-Sex "Marriage" Supporters Assault, Spit on Pro-Marriage Students


The left is relentless, but so is my faith in the Almighty to use our powerful movement to fundamentally save America.  That’s why your support of the Family Research Council, my Leadership Institute, and other conservative organizations means so much to me. 

There is truly a crisis in America today.  However, I am encouraged by good people like you who actively fight for faith, family, and freedom. 

On behalf of the Leadership Institute staff (photo enclosed), I thank you for the honor to fight alongside you in this battle.


Morton C. Blackwell
Leadership Institute