LI’s Largest On-site Training of 149 DC Summer Interns Pack LI for the Conservative Intern Workshop
Last Thursday the Leadership Institute hosted its largest ever on-site training: 149 DC summer interns from 60 organizations, including 16 Capitol Hill offices, from around DC came for the free, day-long Conservative Intern Workshop. 

From 9 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. conservative interns from various organizations around the DC area took part in thorough training encompassing many areas from networking to proper professional attire. 

Eight faculty spoke throughout the day. The first was LI’s Vice President of Development Steve Sutton, a former chief of staff in the U.S. House of Representatives for more than 14 years. 

Steve spoke about how to find job opportunities in public policy, and railed against a popular trend he often sees. 

“So many people come to DC wanting to work on the Hill,” Steve said. “They end up waiting tables, and then go home. Don’t go home! There are so many opportunities off of the Hill!”

Among the many Conservative Intern Workshop speakers, Conservative Leadership PAC Executive Director Lance Wheeler stood out in his commentary about making a positive first impression.

“A good first impression is a good lasting impression,” Lance said.  “An internship is just an extended interview.  Always be putting your best effort forward.”

Liberty Consulting, Inc. Intern Anna Shoffner described the workshop as, “Extremely beneficial! They really rolled out the red carpet for us interns to equip us as activists, and I feel like I learned from wonderful people--both other interns and Leadership Institute staff!”

After attending the workshop, Campaign for Liberty Intern Sarah Harvard said: “After completing the LI Intern workshop, I feel more confident than ever to follow my political ambitions. It is such an honor and privilege to have prominent individuals to enlighten my knowledge of careers in politics. From resumes to first impressions, from dressing for interviews to networking, and from the principles of excellence to the nature of politics, I was able to understand the world of politics. I encourage all interns to take the intern workshop -- it may change the way you see DC for the better!”

Additional training opportunities with LI were detailed. LI reinforced its leading role as the go to place for conservative career advice. Interns were given tours of LI's facilities including LI Studios, given comprehensive Program Catalogs of all LI's course offerings, introduced to LI's Employment Placement Service, given resume advice, and taught how to become an indispensable asset as an intern and beyond.

Workshop organizer Heather Homan, LI's political training coordinator, said: "I am pleased 149 interns took advantage of the opportunity to network with other liberty-minded conservatives in the DC area at our Conservative Intern Workshop. We brought in seasoned political veterans to share their tips and secrets on how to survive DC and stand out as an intern.  The information these interns learned such as networking effectively and understanding the REAL nature of politics are lessons I hope they continue to use well past their current internships."

LI also offers internships each fall, spring, and summer. Go here for more information.