LI Hosts Advanced New Media Training
Earlier this month more than 50 conservatives gathered to learn more about online activism.

Republican National Committee Digital Victory Director Matt DeLuca started off by teaching the class the basics.

Matt hammered home that online grassroots activism is about relationships and authenticity, “You want them to share it. You want them to be involved.”

He said that if students only took one thing from his lecture it should be the “importance of recognizing platforms and how to use them to get your message out. Be creative!”

President of Braynard Group, Inc. Matt Braynard shared the methods and strategies involved with online fundraising.

He talked about the technology behind online fundraising and explained the advantages and disadvantages of each method to attendees.

Matt also taught about security strategies and keeping donor information safe, explaining, “Never store credit card numbers. Ever.”

Finishing off the evening was the Leadership Institute’s Director of Digital Communications Abigail Alger.

Abby tied the night together by giving students an outline for putting together their own digital campaign strategy.

She covered a variety of topics including: online budgeting, the importance of a database, buying domain names, setting
up a good website, email campaigns, using social media, and more.  

Students who attended the class benefited greatly.

“Superb new media workshop – a wealth
of information,” said John Bianchi of Hartsdale, NY.

Another attendee, Adrian Guillory of Lake Charles, LA, said he “really enjoyed the program and would strongly recommend it to others!”

LI’s next New Media Workshop will be July 19. Go here to register.