Get paid to fight the left and launch your career

It has often and probably correctly been said that there are today more convinced Marxists on American college faculties than there are in the former Soviet empire.

Any conservative college student you know who is now enrolled at any but the tiny handful of explicitly conservative colleges could curl your hair with stories of leftist bias and abuses on his or her own campus.

And the professors, the college officials, and the national leftist groups which pour resources into student organizations know very well what they're doing:  undermining the political, cultural, and moral foundations of America under the cover of "academic freedom."

The left does not take kindly to any expression of conservative principles on their campus strongholds.

Over the years, the left has wiped out and excluded from many colleges and universities anything supportive of limited government, free enterprise, strong national defense, or traditional values.

But our Campus Leadership Program (CLP) is over the moat and cracking their walls.

Today the Leadership Institute works with 1,379 conservative student groups and publications on 658 campuses in all 50 states.

In August, I will send 25 field representatives to college campuses across the country to identify and recruit conservative students and help them organize independent conservative groups and publications.

Perhaps you -- or a bright, young conservative you know -- will be one of them.

Employment as a field rep is resumé gold.  Field reps use the experience and connections they gain to launch rewarding careers in grassroots activism, campaigns, legislative work on Capitol Hill, lobbying, and even long-term employment with the Leadership Institute or other fine conservative organizations.

The positions fill very rapidly.  The pay is generous; the experience is priceless.  Potential field reps made 1,200 inquiries about the program last year.  LI hired 20 of the best.

Opportunities for full-time, paid jobs fighting for your beliefs do not come along very often.

You, or a young conservative you know, can apply online right now:

Last year, LI’s 20 field reps newly identified 15,377 conservative students and helped form 205 student groups and publications.

LI field reps are an essential element of conservatives' long-term struggle against the campus left across America.

Independent conservative student groups and publications fight back against the radical leftists who dominate the faculty, administration, and campus life at the majority of American colleges.

In many cases, CLP groups are the only manifestations of any conservative presence on their campuses.  Local student leaders are often the only people promoting conservative principles at their schools.

Just knowing they are not alone on campus, that other people around them on campus openly espouse conservative principles, encourages conservative students to resist the indoctrination, propaganda, and actual oppression which the left so often systematically imposes on American college campuses.

With Institute training and support, young conservatives learn how to:

  • fight political correctness and classroom bias
  • host conservative speakers and events on campus
  • start conservative newspapers
  • win student government elections

Thousands of them will become more effective conservative leaders and activists and stay active politically all their lives.

I had thought about helping conservative students create their own campus groups for many years.  Let me share with you my thinking as I designed LI's Campus Leadership Program.  

While College Republican clubs tend to be conservative, not all of them are.  And partisan political clubs often focus on election-campaign activities to the exclusion of explicitly promoting their political principles.

It happens that none of the other non-partisan conservative organizations which work largely with college students had any program to organize significant numbers of student groups on campus.  

The field was wide open for some conservative educational organization to take up the important task of organizing local student groups.  I saw the need, and I wanted to do this for years.

After much thinking and planning, I began the Leadership Institute's Campus Leadership Program in 1997 as a pilot program with only one staffer responsible for organizing and working with conservative student groups at campuses in the D.C. area.  

With the generous help of Leadership Institute donors, I then gradually expanded the program to cover the nation.  

By 2007, after 10 years’ work, 1,015 student groups were affiliated with CLP.  Today that number is 1,379 active conservative student groups, a 35% increase in five years.

I intended the Campus Leadership Program as a "rescue mission" for conservative students subjected to leftist indoctrination and persecution.

It's working.

Absent moral reinforcement, more students would be sucked into the flow and come to believe that what their families and the healthy aspects of American culture taught them is old-fashioned and perhaps evil -- that it is doomed and not worth fighting for. 

The last thing the leftists want is for conservatives to promote conservative principles effectively on college campuses.

This August, LI will fly 25 selected field representatives to LI’s headquarters in Arlington, VA for a week of intensive training. 

They will learn the tools and tactics necessary for their success in identifying, organizing, and activating conservative college students in their regions.  They will understand how to teach conservative college students to promote their principles on their campuses.

Let me share with you what I may say to this group of field representatives in the address I give to every class:

You are now important parts of a project which will have significant impact on our country.

You will change many lives, and some of your recruits may become your lifelong friends.

You'll be able to see much of the good which will come from your activities this semester.  But much more good will be done than you will ever be able to measure because when you launch people in the right direction they will do good things you may never see or hear about.

Make no mistake about it:  Some of the people you find, recruit, activate, and train will be fighting for conservative principles for the rest of your life.  

Some will outlast you and do good things for our country which you will never see, things which will make America better for your children and your grandchildren.

Years from now you will look back on this period of your life as one of your most interesting and valuable experiences.

Good luck.  And God bless you.

Please apply for the Leadership Institute’s field representative program online (, or share this exciting job opportunity with a bright, young conservative you know. 

Opportunities for full-time, paid jobs fighting for your beliefs do not come along very often.  The positions will fill quickly; apply right now.