LI Hosts Television Techniques Workshop

The Leadership Institute recently hosted 29 conservatives in a television training that focused on the necessary techniques to equip activists when working with the media.

Attendees learned to techniques usable on TV broadcasts, in radio interviews, and in online forums. 

The training was led by Beverly Hallberg, founder and president of District Media Group, where she produces, directs, edits, and serves as a media trainer for news corporations. 

Over the course of the day, students learned what to do -- and not to do -- in TV appearances. Lectures ranged from wardrobe choices to nonverbal behaviors.

Mike Wooten, a student at the training, is a veteran Marine running for an elected school board position in Prince William County, Virginia after an incumbent resigned.

Wishing to improve the quality of education for the kids in his district, Mike will soon put his training to the test. He said the most important lesson he learned was the understanding of “how to give the media what they want by understanding the various formats” of broadcasting.

Young Americans for Liberty intern Eric Phillips described the TV training as “Vital if you want to win for your philosophy,” which is an unintentional play off one of the Leadership Institute’s paramount maxims.

If you would like to attend a Leadership Institute TV training, please register online at or contact Rachel Phillips to set up one-on-one, individualized training.