Honoring Andrew Breitbart
The staff of the Leadership Institute join those across the country honoring the memory of conservative journalist – and, dare I say, mischievous muckraker – Andrew Breitbart today. Andrew passed away unexpectedly early this morning.

Andrew was best known as a writer, a publisher, and an activist. Many today have remembered him as “fearless” in his defense of his beliefs, as full of laughter and good-spirited antics, as a happy warrior for conservatism. Certainly many more know his works and words through his Breitbart.com and “Big” sites: Big GovernmentBig HollywoodBig Journalism, and Big Peace.

Andrew had taught at past Institute trainings, including LI’s Broadcast Journalism School.

It’s fitting to remember Andrew in his own words. This new excerpt from his book, Righteous Indignation, was posted on Big Government this morning:

"I love my job. I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it.  I love reporting stories that the Complex refuses to report.  I love fighting back, I love finding allies, and—famously—I enjoy making enemies.

"Three years ago, I was mostly a behind-the-scenes guy who linked to stuff on a very popular website.  I always wondered what it would be like to enter the public realm to fight for what I believe in.  I’ve lost friends, perhaps dozens.  But I’ve gained hundreds, thousands—who knows?—of allies.  At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror, and I sleep very well at night."

The thoughts and prayers of LI staff and conservatives across the country are with Andrew's family.