LI’s Graduate of the Week Cindy Chafian Gives Voice to Concerned Moms

September 6, 2011, Arlington, VA—Almost every interest group is represented by a PAC or lobbying group, so why shouldn’t mothers have such a group? Leadership Institute Graduate of the Week Cindy Chafian has made it her mission to support fellow mothers through her new nonprofit—The Mommy Lobby—which raises awareness and advocates for issues conservative moms feel every day.

A native of Southern California, Cindy and her Navy officer husband moved to Virginia 12 years ago.  “For the past 15 years I have been a stay-at-home mom. The demands of doing just that hindered my ability to really get involved with what was happening in politics,” Cindy said. “I was so busy taking care of my kids that I simply didn’t have much left over at the end of the day.”

“At the end of the Bush Term, I really began to get concerned with what was happening and since my children were slightly older, I was able to start researching, reading, and getting more involved,” Cindy said.  “After working with a couple of conservative activist groups, I did not feel like they were reaching the ‘mom demographic.’ I felt like I knew what my calling was and The Mommy Lobby was born.”

Enter the Leadership Institute.

“Not having a background in politics,” Cindy says, “I turned to the one place I felt could best equip me for working within the field I was venturing into.  The Leadership Institute provides amazing training courses, and while I am not done learning, I am far more knowledgeable now than I was before taking the courses.”
Cindy has taken six LI trainings this year: Online Fundraising Workshop; Youth Leadership School; Public Speaking Workshop; Public Relations School; Advanced Public Speaking Workshop; and Grassroots Campaign School.

Cindy goes on: “Anytime I suggest LI to anyone, I always tell them this is an invaluable training organization that supports the goals of the conservative movement.  In a world where it feels like everyone around you is far-left liberal, it’s wonderful to be around those who share your values and vision for the country we are all so blessed to live in. I look forward to enrolling in more LI courses to help guide me.”

The Mommy Lobby is “a political/social advocacy group with the goal to engage, inform, and activate everyday moms to get involved and take the collective voice of the American family to those who make the decisions for our children’s future.”  For more information on this group, please go to their website

If you would like to learn how you can start an effective campus group, lobbying group, or other political groups, visit LI’s upcoming training schedule.

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