LI’s Youth Leadership School Welcomed New Mexico Lt. Governor
September 2, Arlington, VA—The Leadership Institute went out on the road again last weekend to train young conservatives at LI’s flagship school, the Youth Leadership School, which advances political careers.  Notable graduates of this training include: Senator Mitch McConnell; Iowa Governor Terry Branstad; Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist; Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips; Senator Jim DeMint’s Speechwriter Amanda Carpenter; and Karl Rove, senior advisor to President George W. Bush, among others.

LI trained 31 students in Albuquerque and had three top graduates who exemplified superior performance and engagement throughout the training.

Santa Barbara City College student Poornima Wagh said, “The training was fantastic, very informative, detailed, and gave the complete A to Z of political training in just two days.”

Washington and Lee University recent graduate Jordy Stern “loved the special projects presentation and learning how to write a press release.”

LI’s Youth Leadership School Coordinator Meghan Swella said, “Lt. Governor John Sanchez gave a summary Saturday morning of why conservative leadership is so important.” Meghan was touched when “he shared how he and his siblings made shoes out of cardboard.”  Lt. Governor Sanchez encouraged students to “lean right” in the group picture.

Meghan has high hopes for the YLS students. “I hope students use what they learned to impact the 2012 elections, especially since New Mexico is a swing state,” Meghan said.
High School Senior Arinea Salas said, “I plan to use this training by participating in a youth effort for the upcoming 2012 elections, specifically Senator Jeff Bingaman’s seat.”  

Chairman of the New Mexico Federation of College Republicans Krystalynn Wilkins said she would describe her training experience to others by “telling them it’s pretty much all you need to know about youth involvement in campaigns in one weekend.”

Executive Director of the Bernalillo County Republican Party Charles McMillian said that this is “the best training around” and he plans to use it “win in New Mexico!”

Interested in bringing the Youth Leadership School to your area? Visit our website for a list of our upcoming trainings or contact Meghan Swella to bring the Youth Leadership School to your area.