Can Really Help Me?
There are so many job sites out there that are designed to assist you in your job search.  But how many of them really work to match you with your perfect dream job?  Stephanie Freedman, former LI intern and user, found her dream job with the help of Andrea McCarthy and  Here is an interview that I had with Stephanie to talk about her success as a job seeker.  

1.    For which organization do you work?
I work at the Independent Institute.  We are a policy think tank that works with 10 senior fellows to research the different political issues and produce tangible published works (op eds, books). We publish everything at the company, and promote the new development. 

2.    What is your current position?
I am the Publicity Coordinator in the communications department.  I am responsible for tracking media and where the seniors have been placed, post successes on the website and social media.  I work with scholars and supervisors to edit pieces and reach out to the media outlets and tell everyone what’s happening at the organization.  I handle a lot of media calls and media relations.

3.     How did you find out about the job?
I heard about the job through the Employment Placement Services (EPS) at The Leadership Institute (LI).  I was searching for jobs for the website and came across it.  I posted it on, and then applied. Andrea assisted me in the research I needed and did a follow up call on my behalf.  It was Andrea’s follow up call that assisted in moving my resume to the top and eventually led to the employment.

4.    Did Andrea refer you?

5.    Did Andrea help you with your resume?
Absolutely.  We started working on my resume toward the middle of the internship.  We sat down and Andrea helped assess my resume and strengths that I have.  She had me read What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard Nelson Bolles and fill out the job flower which gave me different things to assess for my professional skills.  Andrea walked through the whole job hunting process with me.

6.    How did having a profile assist in the process of locating a job?
The website is very helpful.  Seekers are able to search in the key words, titles, and areas in which they are looking.  Seekers are able to sift through the jobs.  The design of  gives you the ability to fill out a good portion about  yourself.  The website also allows the employers to see even more about you than just receiving a resume. 

7.    What were the different steps of the interview process that you went through?
I first had a short phone interview right after the internship, and I talked with my now direct supervisor. I was offered an in person interview where I  sat down with the Communications  Director and VP.  They asked me about my background with LI, education, policy questions, etc.  The interview was roughly 4 or 5 hours long. Finally, I sat down with the COL of the organization, followed by the President, and talked a lot about public policy.  I was offered the job four or five days later. 

8.    How do you like your job?
I love my job.  It was a very good match.  Andrea really listened to what my interests are.  I wanted to be able to use both my degrees as well as be back in Northern California near my family.  I’m very blessed to be here.  Andrea and played a large role in my placement.  

9.    What is your favorite aspect of the job?
I’m really enjoying being able to see what’s going in the country and the world, and being able to correlate the work that we do with everything that is going on. 

10.    Do you think you would have discovered this job if it weren’t for
No.  I don’t think I would have found the job if it wasn’t for LI.  If it wasn’t for CJ and being under Andrea’s wing I wouldn’t have even known where to look.  The website really helped streamline what I wanted.

11.    What advice do you have for job seekers using About their profile? About their resumes? About using EPS?
Genuinely assess everything you have done.  Don’t make your resume fit the cookie cutter. Make sure there are things on there that make you stand out, whatever that may be.  You have to have the skill set, but it’s the extra activity that does make you stand out.  Understand the strengths you possess that make you stand out.  Do the research; make sure you have the proper  background for which they are looking.  Reach out to whoever you can.  (Hmmm networking really is important!) 

12.    Do you and would you recommend to other job seekers?
I would definitely recommend it! It not only provides a large array of jobs, but it also gives you a full staff and support system around you.  Andrea reaches out to everyone on the site, and takes the person’s needs and matches them with their dream job. 

So there you have it.  A real life story, with real positive results.  Please do not hesitate to contact Andrea McCarthy.  She really has a heart for helping people.  Good luck on your job searching!