Become a Field Representative for the Leadership Institute
Jump-start your political career today.  Become one of the nation's best-trained, most effective, conservative leaders through the Leadership Institute's 2011 Fall Field Representative Program.

Every fall semester, LI's National Field Program sends out across the country a team of motivated, highly trained field reps.  LI field reps help conservative students break the left-wing monopoly on their own college campuses. Currently, LI’s Campus Leadership Program includes more than 1,400 active campus groups.

Now, you or some other dedicated conservative you know can join LI as a full-time fall field rep.

The pay is generous.  The experience is priceless.

Opportunities for full-time, paid jobs fighting for your beliefs do not come along very often. 

Your employment with LI as a Field Rep is résumé gold.  Field reps use the experience and connections gained from LI’s National Field Representative Program to launch rewarding conservative careers.

Former field reps have gone to work for conservative think tanks, consulting firms, Congressional offices, and national and state political parties. Several have even started their own conservative non profits.

You would travel to the campuses in your region to identify, recruit, organize, and train conservative students to win battles against the radical left on their campuses.

LI would fly you to the Institute’s Arlington, VA, headquarters for a week of intensive training in August and provide you with the tools and techniques necessary for success.
Get paid, fight the left, launch your exciting political conservative career, and have fun doing it!