Youth Leadership School comes to Denver, CO
Gathering on the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains, the Denver Youth Leadership School (YLS) drew dozens of students for the "boot camp of politics" to prepare them to lead youth efforts for the candidates and causes of their choice.

"These skills helped us win the student elections," said Gregory Carlson of the University of Colorado Boulder. He added, "We amended them to fit the dynamics of the CU campus. They empowered us to be more effective and work smarter, not harder."

Brian Ruddle of the University of Colorado (CU), not only tagged the school as “intense” but also commended YLS for teaching "what is needed for campaigns and [political] awareness."

The Youth Leadership School, the Leadership Institute’s flagship school, has traveled across the country for decades. The school has launched more political careers than any other LI training program.

"This training motivated me exponentially to read books, stay connected on news, and improve my thinking," high school student Bay Baker said, adding her intentions "to be involved in college."

Nicholas Catalano of the University of Colorado Boulder agreed, saying the YLS is "invaluable for the price" and plans to use the training "to advance my political career."

With the tools in hand, LI faculty left the group of energetic students ready to hit the ground running with LI staff and resources at their disposal for the future.

As the school drew to a close, Centennial Institute Staff Assistant Karthik Venkatraj (photo at right) praised the training as an effective tool for campaigns and campus activism and for being "quintessential in leading an effective, pragmatic conservative movement."               

See LI's calendar to find a training -- including a Youth Leadership School -- near you.