Development Associate at Americans for Tax Reform Praises LI Training

Americans for Tax Reform Development Associate Aaron Buchhop who is a part of the ATR internship program has taken six Leadership Institute trainings, saying “LI training schools I’ve attended have helped me in a number of areas, both personally and professionally.”

After attending the fundraising school at the Leadership Institute, Mr. Buchhop said that by far the most beneficial thing to him was “how to organize a development department in an organization and putting into practice the suggestions made at this school.”

LI’s February fundraising school, How to Raise Money...the Easy Way, hosted 82 students and took an in-depth look at how to improve an organization’s fundraising efforts through personal solicitation, online fundraising, and event fundraising to support the cause or candidate.

Mr. Buchhop has taken six LI trainings including: the Job and Internship Fair; How to Raise Money…the Easy Way; Youth Leadership School; Advanced Public Relations; and two Public Speaking Workshops.

“Public Speaking was my first and most inspirational LI school,” Mr. Buchhop said. “It motivated me to be more involved at LI and to take advantage of the excellent training provided in a variety of areas.”

Commenting on the Youth Leadership School, Mr. Buchhop said it was the “most beneficial in its heavy promotion of conservative grassroots organizing and activism. The Advanced Public Relations School enabled me to start seeing the flip side of media so as to better understand how to work with the media and avoid being used by it.”

When asked about how he would describe his LI experience, he said, “LI staff and teachers are very willing to assist and answer questions. Networking is very important at any LI school and it is strongly encouraged. I have met conservative students and professionals from all walks of life. Networking with the people I have trained with has opened doors for future opportunities, both for them and for me. And of course the provided meals are always good!”

What does Mr. Buchhop plan next? “I plan on incorporating all LI training into my life in one way or another. Specifically with the development training, I hope to use the organizational knowledge I have acquired at the most recent school to not only help strengthen and better my current development work, but to develop a more solid, experienced understanding of development operations as I advance in my career.”

We wish you the best Aaron!

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