Fundraising Strategies For Winning the Future
February 17, 2011, Arlington, VA--Running a successful campaign and being victorious is hard in and of itself, and without fundraising, it is virtually impossible. To ensure excellence in fundraising, the Leadership Institute hosted a 'High Dollar Fundraising School' over the past two days.

"The school was invaluable for someone like me who is new to fundraising, but expected to get results," said Brian Garst, director of government affairs at the Center for Freedom and Prosperity. Mr. Garst was one of over 50 professionals and students who traveled to Arlington, VA for this training.

Among the featured faculty were seasoned and experienced LI staffers, as well as company leaders, business owners, and political operatives. As Mr. Ronald J. Hamilton of Pennsylvania put it, "I enjoyed hearing from people who are out in the field, actually doing the work they are presenting."

The curriculum consisted of several techniques that, when adequately applied, will guarantee a fundraising hey-day for any campaign or organization. Todd Meredith, Owner of Morgan, Meredith, & Associates, addressed the issues of direct mail, cash flow projections and donor programs. Through real life examples and illustrations, Mr. Meredith guided the attendees carefully through the intricate process of properly implementing these efforts.

Other faculty members also included Rick Hendrix, co-founder of ClearWord Communications, Carter DeWitt, vice president of Development at the Tax Foundation, and Ann Fitzgerald, president of A.C. Fitzgerald and Associates.

Ms. Fitzgerald used her extensive experience in the conservative movement as a marketing strategist and fundraiser guru to teach the participants the importance of organizing and engaging every element of your organization.

Praising the school, Ken Vaughn, a Congressional candidate from Lynchburg, VA, said, "most of this stuff isn't rocket science, it's common sense; but it's stuff we don't think about, and tend to forget. It's invaluable."

At the end of the two-day school, the participants were prepared to reevaluate their organization and campaigns fundraising efforts. Some even followed Charlottesville, VA resident Elizabeth Blake's example: "I've signed up for 12 more trainings this upcoming year," she said, as the school came to a close.

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