Sound Money and America’s Global Economic Leadership
December 7, 2010, Arlington, VA—Today at the Capitol two conservative organizations sponsored a panel discussion on sound money and America’s global economic leadership.

Atlas Economic Research Foundation and FreedomWorks Foundation co-sponsored the event at the U.S. Capitol Hill Visitor Center from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Speakers included:

•    Matt Kibbe, President and CEO, FreedomWorks Foundation
•    Alejandro Chafuen, President, Atlas Economic Research Foundation
•    Representative Mike Pence of Indiana
•    Judy Shelton, Co-Director, Sound Money Project, Atlas Economic Research Foundation
•    Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin
•    Lawrence White, Professor of Economics, George Mason University
•    Jimmy Kemp, Son of Jack Kemp, Jack Kemp Foundation
•    Brad Lips, CEO, Atlas Economic Research Foundation

The book—A Guide to Sound Money by Judy Shelton—was given out today and can also be downloaded here.

The book highlights ten core principles of sound money, including:

1.    Honesty in Money
2.    Free Markets Need Accurate Money
3.    Clear Price Signals are Key to Economic Stability
4.    Integrity in Money
5.    Ability to Plan Ahead
6.    Consistency in the Worth of Money Over Time
7.    Asserting the Right to a Reliable Dollar
8.    Constitutional Imperative in Money
9.    Limiting Government Intervention
10.  Sound Money Would Restore America’s Strength

For more information on the Sound Money Project, click here.

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