Yesterday’s LI Monthly Breakfast Video Online—Featuring FreedomWorks Foundation President and CEO Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe
President and CEO FreedomWorks Foundation 

Matt Kibbe is president and CEO of FreedomWorks. He has been with the organization (previously known as Citizens for a Sound Economy) for over 12 years. An economist by training, Matt Kibbe is a well-respected national public policy expert.

Before joining FreedomWorks, Mr. Kibbe's career spanned the worlds of academia, business, and lawmaking. He served as Chief of Staff and House Budget Committee Associate for U.S. Representative Dan Miller(R-FL); Director of Federal Budget Policy for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Senior Economist for the Republican National Committee during Lee Atwater's tenure as Chairman; and Managing Editor of Market Process, an academic economics journal published by the Center for the Study of Market Processes at George Mason University.

Mr. Kibbe started his professional career at Citizens for a Sound Economy, serving as a policy analyst in the mid 1980s. Matt did graduate work in the economics department at George Mason University and received his BA in Economics from Grove City College.

Mr. Kibbe has written extensively on economics, public policy and politics. His writings have appeared in outlets such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal,;; American Spectator; The Washington Times, and Reason Magazine.

Under Mr. Kibbe's leadership, FreedomWorks fights for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom using an impressive network of hundreds of thousands of volunteers, including citizens, community leaders, cyber activists, and bloggers across the nation.

Mr. Kibbe and his organization have a reputation for making good policy good politics. FreedomWorks was instrumental in defeating Al Gore's infamous energy "Btu" tax and "HillaryCare" in the 1990s. Over the last ten years the organization has beaten the trial lawyer lobby by enacting sweeping tort reforms in states like Alabama and Florida. FreedomWorks also stopped billions in proposed tax hikes at both the state and federal levels. In 2006, their grassroots campaign was widely acknowledged as having defeated a proposed $130 billion asbestos trust fund. The Oregonian describes FreedomWorks as "a tightly run and well-financed national group."

In order to ensure their leadership in the fight for freedom, FreedomWorks' tactics continually evolve: in the 1980s the organization pioneered direct marketing techniques that engaged grassroots citizens in policy change. In the early 1990s, FreedomWorks was an innovator in the use of message development and paid advertising to drive policy outcomes. Over the past 10 years, the organization created a "boots on the ground" strategy that puts real people in front of political decision makers back home. Today, major investments in FreedomWorks' online capabilities are building an active online community that will rival the likes of