It’s Official: 2022 Political and Fundraising Calendar

Conservatives have the potential for great victories in 2022.

Proper training will secure those victories.

In addition to the hundreds of events that the Leadership Institute (LI) will conduct across the country, you’ll find 20 fundraising and political trainings already scheduled at LI's Arlington, VA headquarters in 2022. Many additional trainings will be added during the year.

Take a look at the 2022 calendar. You’ll find everything from campaign management and candidate training to direct mail and high-dollar fundraising training. 

Pick the Leadership Institute training that’s right for you and register now.

Coming up, the Future Candidate School will run from January 13-15, 2022, and will help prepare you for your candidacy. If you plan to run for office in 2022, this training will show you the ropes, whether you’re running for school board or Congress. And LI can help you even more if you’re considering a run for office in 2023 and beyond.

Check out the calendar above to find the right training for you! Then, register here for your favorites.