Conservatives focus on the nation’s school boards
The Leadership Institute today announces the launch of a new program to train the next generation of conservative candidates for the nation’s school boards. 

“Radical leftists are promoting a radical agenda in schools, including the teaching of Critical Race Theory that holds our country is fundamentally racist and society must be completely re-engineered to align with leftist values,” said Leadership Institute President Morton C. Blackwell in announcing the School Board Campaign Training. “With this vital new program, the Leadership Institute will now prepare conservatives all across America to challenge the left’s control over the nation’s locally elected school boards.”

Local school boards make important decisions concerning curriculum, staffing, and budgeting for the nation’s public schools.  Depending on state laws, school boards have a direct influence on the quality of education students receive. 

“Every student deserves a quality education.  Efforts to inject political agendas and indoctrination into our schools comes at the expense of giving students the tools they need to go on to college or the workforce, and to be good citizens,” said Blackwell. 

The Leadership Institute’s new School Board Campaign Training launches today, August 9, 2021. This new training will consist of more than 11 hours of online training in every aspect of recruiting candidates and designing, waging, and funding a successful school board campaign, plus training and background information on the roles of school board members and the issues they face. 

Conservatives interested in running for school board, or supporting school board candidates, will be able to take Leadership Institute’s training online, or attend one of several in-person training programs to be conducted over the next two years.   

Additionally, a new podcast series will provide subscribers with weekly episodes covering aspects of school board elections featuring guests with successful experience in the field. 

The faculty for the new program is drawn from conservative experts who have successfully served on school boards, or have directly contributed to school board campaign victories. 

This training is available now.  

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