Leftists Give CampusReform.org Great Press

Leftists Give CampusReform.org Great Press

By adrienne, on September 18, 2009

An old expression states that "there's no such thing as bad publicity." Often on the right, our liberal colleagues can provide the best publicity for us by complaining. It was particularly true at Slippery Rock University yesterday when Lisbeth Wells-Pratt, a liberal student, reviewed CampusReform.org:

The reason the Leadership Institute exists is to cultivate the conservative propaganda-mongers of tomorrow. They're training the best of the best, the most talented and most intelligent of the conservative base, grooming them to incite political mudslinging on university campuses.

Do you want to be a part of the best and brightest "conservative propaganda-mongers?" Share CampusReform.org with your friends through Facebook and other social networks. Also take advantage of Leadership Institute training and learn how to be an effective conservative activist. After all, as Ms. Wells-Pratt opines:

The conservatives will win, though, like they usually do. They're better organized than liberals, they're more militant than liberals and they're cleverer than liberals.