A Better Way to Manage Google Chrome Tabs
5 minute read

No matter how many tabs you use online, Google Chrome makes it easier to organize everything with tab groups.

What are tab groups? 

Tab groups are colored labels you can apply to certain tabs you open in Google Chrome.
You can pick the color, name the group, and choose what tabs you want in each group. The tabs will expand and retract when you click the group name. Tab groups will keep all your tabs out of sight but not out of mind. The best part: your tab groups will be saved when you close and reopen Google Chrome.

 What are the possible benefits? 

Tab groups help you stay organized. When on a personal device, you can create separate work and personal tabs to keep organized.
For example, you can create a group for your Christmas shopping and retract it so no one can see what you were buying. I like to use this feature for work and create different tab groups for different projects.
 How can you make your first tab group?

Right click (ctrl + click on Mac) the tab you want to modify and select “Add tab to new group.” Select the color and name your group.
After you create your first tab group, you will be able to right click the other tabs you want to include in the group. Then select “add tab to group” and select the appropriate group name.