Your Post Election Resource Guide

Dear Fellow Conservative, 

Elections have consequences. While some elections present an exciting opportunity for new talent to staff the White House and Congress, other elections are a harsh reality for those who lose their jobs. 

Fortunately, either way the election goes, conservative organizations are hiring! 

In my Leadership Institute’s Post Election Resource Guide, you will find a comprehensive overview of the opportunities available. Please use this guide to discover how you can apply your talents in a new role! Enclosed, you will find:

  • Summaries of organizations and their open positions;
  • points of contact to apply;
  • upcoming trainings at the Leadership Institute; and
  • a flyer. 

In case you are not familiar, let me tell you about -- it is the Leadership Institute’s free, online solution that connects conservative job seekers with potential employers. 

You can create a detailed profile, browse job postings, and apply to new opportunities with a single click. 

If you have any questions, contact a member of my careers staff at 

Good luck in your job search!


Morton C. Blackwell

President, Leadership Institute