LI Employee Assaulted at UC Berkeley
“On Tuesday, February 19, one of our employees, Hayden Williams, was violently assaulted on University of California-Berkeley campus while working to recruit conservative student leaders in his capacity as Field Representative for The Leadership Institute. Hayden was invited to campus by Berkeley students who were part of the local Turning Point USA chapter.

This event is shocking, but it is not isolated. Conservative and libertarian students have faced violence and intimidation for sharing their political philosophy on campus from coast to coast in this country. Unfortunately, the Leadership Institute reports on incidents like Hayden’s all too often on our news site

Violence has no place in the public policy process -- and it should never be the response to students who exercise their right to free speech. The Leadership Institute calls on the University of California-Berkeley to identify and hold accountable the assailant to the full extent of the law.”

Bryan Bernys, Vice President of Campus Programs at the Leadership Institute.