Dr. William Murphy -- When LI Grads Succeed, Conservatism Succeeds
Often in politics, there are doers, and there are thinkers.

The doers knock on doors, build organizations, and lobby for their movement.  The thinkers research and compose policy proposals; they’re academics who shape the way we see the world.  Both are assets to the conservative movement, and both are necessary to succeed.

Dr. William Murphy encompasses both qualities.

A Professor at the New England Institute of Technology, Dr. Murphy specializes in U.S. foreign policy and national security.  He is a veteran, Harvard graduate, former President at Peak Performance Technology Partners, and was Finance Director at Bateman for Congress in 1992 where he first met Leadership Institute President, Morton Blackwell.

But it’s his next project that’s potentially his most exciting yet!  After discussing his plans with Morton, Dr. Murphy intends to establish an advocacy based organization which will campaign to make Congress more efficient at requesting information from the executive branch. 

Good Government Now will promote four key proposals for strengthening legislative oversight and investigative capabilities:  Rule of information requests and subpoenas, create inherent contempt enforcement procedures, resurrect and reinvigorate criminal contempt enforcement, and increase civil contempt enforcement statute. 

Dr. Murphy says that the Leadership Institute has been invaluable in his career. 

Not only through the skills he has learned in the many trainings he attended, such as LI’s Television and Digital Communications Workshops, and Fundraising Training, but also because he can network with LI’s expert faculty who have provided him with the guidance to succeed. 

“I have benefitted immeasurably from LI's outstanding training programs.  LI's presidential transition support operations, as well as the excellent coaching and career services it offers, are invaluable resources."

Besides the army, Dr. Murphy says that there is no organization he feels such loyalty for than LI. 

“Everyone there is unselfish and dedicated to the cause,” he said.

The Leadership Institute is proud to call Dr. William Murphy a graduate.

Countless successes have been won by the Leadership Institute’s 189,476 graduates.  Some have been elected to the United States Senate and House of Representatives, others work for the Administration, lead nonprofits, and are winning for conservatism across the world. 

When LI graduates succeed, the conservative movement succeeds.   

Leadership Institute offers more than 47 types of training programs, works with more than 1,878 conservative student groups, and helps employers connect with conservative job seekers. Since the Institute’s 1979 founding, LI has trained more than 189,476 conservative activists, students, and leaders. Graduates include members of Congress, state legislators, local officials, media personalities, and conservative organization leaders.