A Blog Can Be Great For Your Career
When people think about blogs, they usually dismiss them as a prehistoric way of getting ideas into the public realm.  Today many people prefer a 140-character tweet to a well thought out, self-published article that takes a lot of work to compose and publicize.

However, when it comes to your career, demonstrating passion for your field is critical.  Writing a blog, which is accessible to recruiters, could be what secures your next big opportunity.  Here are 5 ways writing a blog can benefit your career.

You can establish yourself as a thought leader

Recruiters will expect to see that you have knowledge of your field and show an active interest.  By writing a blog directly related to the professional area in which you want to progress, you can illustrate your interest and your ability to lead others.  By communicating with readers in such a way that offers leadership, you are showing that you are a strong communicator and an innovative thinker. 

You can reach an audience directly   

Individuals who have not yet established themselves in their field do not interest most publishers.  By writing your own blog, you cut out the intermediary and go directly to your chosen audience.

When you write your blog, get your friends to share it, publish it on your social media and in relevant group chats, even tweet it to respected individuals in your field.  That way you add validity to your work and show recruiters that readers respect your opinion.

You have writing samples to show recruiters

Good writers are in high demand, so not only will writing a blog refine your ability, but it will also give you examples of your writing you can show to recruiters.  When you build your following and established people share your work, your blog posts gain validity as writing samples in job applications.

In addition, by establishing a digital footprint you will have ‘Google Insurance.’  This means that when a recruiter Googles your name they will see links to your blog.  This shows you are engaged in the current trends of your industry and will significantly improve your likelihood of getting an interview.

You can build a community of people interested in your field

Building a following among your readers will get you noticed by others in your field.  Taking an active role in the discussion will help you make connections.  For example, if you are interested in foreign policy, blogging about it, and having your writing shared by those currently working in foreign affairs will get you noticed by potential recruiters.

When you write a blog, remember to put links to your social media and personal website so readers and recruiters can find you easily.

Your employer may value contributions

Many employers in the conservative movement are looking for contributions to their websites and social media.  By writing blog pieces you not only help your employer create content for their website and social media, but you also publish pieces through your organization which increases the validity of your writings.

Successful workers take initiative. By writing a blog, you show employers you take an active interest in your work.  

If you have a significant following, use your blog to attract attention to your organization’s successes.  That way you can assist your employers beyond your day-to-day work.

If you are interested in learning more about successful written communications for your career, please register for the Leadership Institute’s Written Communications Workshop.