The Hiring Freeze Has Been Lifted, What’s Your Plan?
On Tuesday, April 11, the Trump Administration made a surprise announcement that could be good news for job seekers across DC.  

The federal hiring freeze will be lifted.

Instead, the administration is calling for a reform of the federal government, and a plan to reduce the overall size of the Federal Civilian Workforce.

But what does this mean for job seekers in Washington D.C.?

Cautious optimism. 

First, the administration has been clear this does not give Departments the freedom to go on a recruitment spending spree.  The intention is to reshape the federal workforce, with some agencies having the flexibility to hire more people, and others paring their staff, while others will make lay-offs.

This means if you are hoping to take advantage of the opportunities, you may be competing with experienced and well-connected former Federal employees hoping to be hired elsewhere.

Secondly, budgetary proposals must go through the appropriations process.  This is no easy task.  Congress has already expressed its opposition to cuts on agencies such as the EPA, State, Health and Human Services, and others.

Therefore, there is still uncertainty about the opportunities that will arise from this decision.

One thing is for sure, if you are a job seeker in DC, or if you are looking for a career move, you should be ready for anything!

The administration has been clear it intends to fund spending increases for Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs.  These departments were always exempt from the hiring freeze and now it looks as though the administration is freeing up budgetary space to prioritize these departments.

If you are looking for a job in the Federal Government, and you want to make the most of the potential opportunities coming up, the strategic jobseekers will have a plan.

If you’re a new jobseeker, consider applying for internships that will get help you to establish yourself in the Federal Government.  Opportunities such as the Presidential Management Fellowship Program for example are tough to get in, but provide great opportunities if you are successful.

Start now by networking.  Look for events across DC where you will have the opportunity to meet political appointees currently working in the administration.  This is your opportunity to get to know people who can help you to find a place in the departments hiring.  The Leadership Institute provides a number of resources to help you network, including workshops and our Job Seeker Guide.

Your resume should be as strong as possible as you prepare to send it to potential recruiters.  Have it ready to go now, and remember the Leadership Institute is available as a resource to you if you want to have your resume reviewed.  You can arrange to meet with one of LI’s careers staff to discuss ways to improve your resume through