Your 5-point guide to writing an op-ed
With the Leadership Institute’s Building Your Brand Workshop around the corner, here are some pointers to give you a head start on building your brand through op-eds.

You have something to say. But sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. How do you get your voice out there?

A good place to start is blogging. I know, I know, everyone has a blog. But there’s a reason for that. You can practice putting your thoughts and arguments down while getting feedback from friends and peers.

Through practice on your blog, you can begin to harness your thoughts and build a framework for your field of expertise.

So you’ve been blogging – but you’re ready for more. It’s time to write an op-ed.

An op-ed is an article or piece with an opinion and written with a strong point of view. Here’s why you’ll shine in an op-ed:

  • You’ll show your expertise
  • Develop your argument
  • Learn to use facts to back up your argument
  • And establish your credibility

Follow these general guidelines for your op-ed:

  • Limit your word count to about 700 words or less
  • Open with a strong lead
  • Make your argument quickly and concisely
  • Remember, you cannot submit a piece that’s already been published
  • Be patient and don’t give up

You’ll find many informative websites on how to submit your op-ed. Here are a few links with guidelines for DC area news sources to get you started:

  1. Washington Examiner
  2. Washington Times
  3. Washington Post
  4. Politico 
  5. The Hill 

Now go write! (And remember me when you’re a rich and famous expert.)

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