Six Reasons You Should Work for a Non-Profit
To conservatives, the non-profit sector is an increasingly attractive career path -- and it’s not surprising!

It is an exciting time to be involved, the job opportunities are vast, and conservatism is making an increasing impact in America.

I offer you 6 reasons why you should work in the non-profit sector.

1.  Jobs which produce tangible results are the most satisfying.

My co-workers and I see tangible results of our work every day.  The individuals who come to the Leadership Institute for training in professional skills get jobs.  People who come to LI for campaign training get elected.  People who LI trained in television techniques represent our movement on national television.  Working for a non-profit means you get to see the effects of your hard work.

2.  The conservative non-profit sector is a small community.

For those who are ambitious and talented networkers it’s easy to move around.  Within the DC non-profit sector, those in the conservative movement speak at each other’s events, co-sponsor projects and hire each other’s staff. 

Most recently, the Leadership Institute, The Heritage Foundation, and others played a significant role in staffing the administration.  The ripple effect means they are vacating jobs in the non-profit sector, for which you can apply.

Also, small teams make the best of friends.  D.C. can be a daunting place.  Those who move here to pursue career ambitions often leave families and friends behind.  In the non-profit sector, because there are often such close ties between staff inside and outside of your organization, it is easy to make friends and become part of a community.   

3.  Are you creative?  The non-profit sector is the place to experiment with new ways of doing things. 

If you’re a forward thinker, if you want to pitch a new idea or project, or perform more efficiently, the non-profit sector is the place to do it.  Remember, non-profits are accountable to donors, so it’s not just the private sector that innovates.  Non-profits, like the Leadership Institute, are consistently innovating to ensure we are leading the movement forward.

4.  You’re not just a small cog in a giant machine. 

To ensure value for every donor's money, new staff are hired to fill critical roles.  As a result, you are an important and valuable member of the team from day one.  If you’re a person who enjoys responsibility, and you want to push yourself to achieve in your day-to-day work, then work at a non-profit and push yourself.

5.  There’s diversity of opportunity. 

Non-profits like the Leadership Institute offer a multitude of possibilities.  Staff are transferred between departments so their talents are utilized effectively.  Therefore, whether your talents are in research, fundraising, events, or public speaking, you have the opportunity to involve yourself in many responsibilities.

Also, the non-profit sector in the conservative movement is thriving right now.  Just look on  You’ll see the numerous positions available to you.  Whether you’re looking for an internship or an executive level position, there are hundreds of opportunities waiting for you in a multitude of departments.

6.  Last, but not least – you’re fighting for a cause bigger than yourself. 

To those in the conservative movement, seeing the enactment of conservative principles into the public policy realm is not just a news story, it is something to which they have actively contributed.  Those policies then go on to benefit Americans and the world over.  It’s a crucial mission, and it’s a privilege to be able to play a role in it.

So if you’re about to graduate, want to challenge yourself, change careers, or whatever your situation, consider working for a non-profit. 

Are you up to the challenge? 

If yes, then get started with Leadership Institute training today.