Activism Success: Activism Events Change Campus Policy
Activism events are a great way for your group to grow its membership and share your message on campus.

Earlier this month at Middle Tennessee State University, the Turning Point USA group worked with their Leadership Institute Field Representative to hold a free speech ball event on campus, which started the conversation on campus about safe spaces.
As a result of the activism events, the student senate voted overwhelmingly to oppose all future creations of safe spaces on campus, and actively work to remove safe spaces on the campus.
 Students at Louisiana State University used a free speech ball to get over 200 signatures in support of unregulated free speech and ending the campuses “Free Speech Ally.”  The signatures were sent to the student government who will now take up the issue.
 Your Leadership Institute Field Representative is able to help you organize activism projects which can help you change unconstitutional policy on your campus.  
Contact your Field Representative today to get started.