Potential for Excellence
I recently stepped away from my desk and slipped downstairs into the LI Conservative Intern Workshop. 

Students at the Conservative Intern WorkshopBecause who can resist the lure of free Chick-fil-a? 

Not I. Neither could 42 interns from various conservative organizations. 

Sessions started promptly, beginning with Patricia Simpson, LI Director of Career Services.

"Every single one of you have the potential for excellence." 

She paused.

“You must think of yourself as a leader.” 

I haven’t been an intern for 10 years, but I felt myself challenged to re-evaluate myself and my goals. 

“I wake up every morning and say to myself, ‘Let’s be awesome today.”

Meanwhile, out in the hall, Aynsley Harrison, Career Programs Manager, bled red ink over intern resumes. When she taught the incredibly practical Resume Workshop, I mentally tore up my previously loved resume.

Later, a cheerfully honest session on ‘Personal Branding’ brought to light the importance of intentional communication, “Make sure people remember you for the right reasons.”

All LI trainings are free to every intern.  Even if you’re not an intern, discounts are often available. 

Do you strive for excellence? Are you prepared for leadership? Join us at one of the LI upcoming trainings for more ways to ‘be awesome’ today.  The next Conservative Intern Workshop is coming up next week.  Chick-fil-a might even be on the menu.