Englander’s Grassroots Efforts Sprout Victory

Chip Englander has a track record.  He wins.

When Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was at the bottom of a four-way primary at the beginning of his campaign, he knew he needed a winner.  He turned to Chip for a campaign manager.

In a state President Obama swept by 25 percent in 2012, Rauner became the first candidate to defeat the governor of a president’s home state since 1892, ousting incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn.

Making his success even more remarkable, Rauner was outspent during the final three months of his campaign in one of the top five most expensive non-presidential races in American history.

Photo courtesy of Chip Englander from his twitter profile @ChipEnglanderChip was drawn to Rauner because of the candidate’s viable solutions to serious issues.

“I believe we have nearly intractable problems and it will take a transformational figure to change direction -- Governor Rauner can do that,” he said.

Under the slogan, “Shake up Springfield.  Bring back Illinois,” and running for conservative ideals including job creation, tax repeal, and fiscal responsibility, Chip was able to rally a powerful grassroots effort behind Rauner.

Chip attributes his ability to muster such a critical effort to the training he received from the Leadership Institute early in his career.  

“I took 19 different LI training courses starting in 2000,” Chip said.  “The principles on grassroots organization still guide what I do today.”

Grassroots are crucial to victory.  Moreover, a solid candidate is vital for a strong grassroots effort.  Chip was able to recruit the manpower needed to pull off an upset because of Rauner’s character.

“Governor Rauner’s strengths were unique to him,” Chip said.  “Voters saw his vision, work ethic, and integrity.”

A combination of a strong candidate and strong localized efforts is important to any conservative campaign, especially ones in Democrat-leaning counties or states.

“From the first day I met Rauner he emphasized building a historic grassroots organization,” Chip said.  “We opened 83 offices with 700+ paid workers and 10,000+ volunteers and knocked on millions of doors and made millions more phone calls.”

Chip’s efforts paid off.  Rauner is one of many freshly elected Republicans in a national movement back towards conservative principles.

Given Chip’s winning track record, it comes as no surprise that the Rand Paul team just hired Chip Englander.

According to a report from Politico’s Katie Glueck, “Englander will transition to campaign manager ‘if and when Rand runs,’ a senior adviser to the senator said.”

Originally from Santa Monica, California, and a graduate of the University of Michigan, Chip has worked as a campaign manager in many different elections including assembly, senatorial, and gubernatorial campaigns.

In 2002, Chip was the Executive Director of the Republican Party of San Diego County, an organization Rush Limbaugh called “a model for the nation” after Republicans handily seized the county previously held by Democrats.

His desire to help America is the driving force behind his efforts.  His beliefs coupled with his winning methods have produced tremendous victories for conservative principles.

“I didn’t choose politics, politics chose me,” Chip said. 

Conservatives everywhere have leaders like Chip to thank for the changing political scenery sweeping the U.S.  Thanks to hard work and proven strategies, America is once again returning to the principles upon which it was founded.

The Leadership Institute is committed to building winners like Chip. Please congratulate Chip Englander on winning LI’s Conservative Leader Award.

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