Ted Cruz's Visit to LI
Senator Ted Cruz (R—TX) came to the Leadership Institute’s Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast last week and spoke to 229 conservatives about the current state of affairs.

Activists, supporters, and LI graduates braved the harsh weather for the largest Leadership Institute (LI) breakfast turnout since the program began in 1997.

Senator Cruz began by quoting Sam Houston, “Texas has yet to learn submission to any form of oppression come from what source it may… that is an attitude the Leadership Institute has embraced for a long, long time.”

To read more about the role the Leadership Institute played in Sen. Cruz’s campaign, please go here for info regarding his field staff and here for info on his pollster.




Sen. Cruz spoke to the power and importance the grassroots movement plays in maintaining and advancing the conservative movement.

“Right now, today, Obamacare is at its lowest approval rating it’s ever been since the day it passed into law,” he said.

The people will rise up against restriction upon their freedoms, he said. And it is this, he believes, that drives the grassroots movement to act and be so effective.

“If you have a President who picks and chooses which laws to follow and which to ignore – you no longer have a president,” Sen. Cruz said.

The website www.makedclisten.org is an initiative he urged attendees to visit and then Tweet about.

Senator Ted Cruz said, “If we continue doing what we’re doing which is mobilizing and empowering the American people – it’s not going to come from Washington – it is what the Leadership Institute is doing every day.”

"Liberty is never safer than when politicians are terrified,” Sen. Cruz closed.

Please join LI at the next Wake-Up Club Breakfast on March 5. The speaker will be Rep. Steve Scalise, chairman of the Republican Study Committee.  Sign up here.