New Pro Freedom Directory for Latin America
The first edition of the Leadership Institute new Latin America Freedom Supporters Directory is now available for free online. The new directory contains the contact information for hundreds of pro-freedom people and organizations in Latin America.

The objective of the directory is to connect people and organizations who share a commitment to free markets, private property rights, individual freedoms, and democratic participation in the public policy process.

Considerable experience in Latin America has shown that supporters of freedom often do not know that there are many others in their own countries who share these principles.  Very few are acquainted with like-minded people in other Latin American countries.

In contrast, activists for leftist causes in Latin America usually know each other well and often cooperate closely with leftists in their own countries and internationally.

The Latin America Freedom Supporters Directory will change that for the benefit of free-market supporters and principles.

To compile the information, The Leadership Institute requested and received suggestions from experienced people in Latin America and from many people in the United States who are widely acquainted in Latin America.

The first edition of the directory contains the names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other available facts about worthwhile contacts in the public policy process.

In the directory you will find:

•           government officials, elected and appointed;

•           political party and youth group leaders;

•           educators and lecturers on free-market issues;

•           organizations located in Latin America or running programs in the region; and

•           activists who want to make contacts with their counterparts in the U.S. and elsewhere.

How can we best undo generations of propaganda and conditioning in Latin America? How can Latin Americans learn the economic principles which make possible wealth creation when they have absorbed the false notion that the main purpose of economics is the centralized and thus “fair” distribution of goods and services?

The best solution is to educate and support a new infrastructure of pro-freedom and pro-democracy activists in Latin America. That is why The Leadership Institute created the directory, to get to know each other, to exchange information, and to enable potential allies to work together on activities and projects of mutual interest.

Click here to download the Latin America Freedom Supporters Directory.