LI’s International Department Returns to Mongolia to Train an Additional 500 Conservatives
June 27, 2011, Arlington, VA— Next week from July 2-8 the Leadership Institute’s international programs department will go again to Mongolia to train around 500 key leaders in government, politics, and business, as well as those seeking public office and those who will run and contribute in the next presidential campaign.

The Leadership Institute has currently trained more than 1,000 key Mongolian leaders in Arlington, Virginia, USA and in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Leadership Institute International Programs Consultant Torey Hall met with Mongolia’s President Tsakhia Elbegdorj last week when he was in town for meetings with President Obama and several conservative organizations. Mr. Elbegdorj was overjoyed that Mongolia has established democracy after 65 years of a communist government.  “We will build a strong relationship with the USA and emulate President Ronald Reagan," President Elbegdorj said.
President Elbegdorj, accompanied by his personal advisor and LI Graduate Mrs. Battsetseg Shagdar, was very happy to see LI’s Torey Hall. He expressed great enthusiasm and thanked LI for training those who ran his political campaign, as well as other Mongolian business leaders and social entrepreneurs.

LI’s Director of International Programs Miguel Moreno and three other LI international speakers will address several audiences of key Mongolian leaders in the capital Ulaanbaatar next week.