Written Communications Skills: Why they Matter to Employers and How You Can Develop them
If you’ve attended any of my resume workshops, you have heard me say repeatedly, ‘demonstration of excellent writing skills is critical to landing your dream job.’ Especially if that dream job happens to be on Capitol Hill. But really, recruiters everywhere are looking for qualified candidates who know how to write, regardless of the position. Managers make it very clear to us that they do not have time to be someone’s editor-in-chief (unless that’s actually their job), so they ask us to find competent writers. And not only people who can string words together properly and use punctuation when and where needed, but people who can turn around and use different channels to get their writing in front of the reading public. Jobseekers who not only write well but effectively use new media outlets, write press releases and op eds, and understand what a media advisory is and how to use it are absolutely golden to recruiters and hiring managers.

So how do you achieve this golden status I’m talking about? Start with the Leadership Institute’s newly revamped Written Communications Workshop on July 19-20. At this two-evening workshop, you will learn the different professional writing techniques for publication, critical grammar and usage skills (so very important!), what a good press release or media advisory looks like, and how to use new media to get your work noticed. Jobseekers really shouldn’t miss this training! We’re bringing in conservative heavy hitters such as Matt Lewis, Lindsey Mask, and Amanda Carpenter to help you find your inner writing guru.

The class runs from 5:30-10 pm each evening. Mention this blog when you call to register, and you may even receive a discount off the already reduced price of $40. Dinner and class materials are included. I hope to see you there..and to see this class listed under additional trainings on your resume!