Washington Post: Liberals Imitate Leadership Institute Training
As an Institute supporter, you'll like this article from last week’s Washington Post.  It details a new project by liberals to copy LI's media training.  They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so LI grads should feel flattered.

From the Washington Post: “Brenner [a faculty member] joined the other participants in a wood-paneled room on the carriage house’s ground floor. A camcorder stood on a tripod in the middle of desks arranged in a horseshoe formation. Black and white boards hung on the walls. Brock, with graying hair and blue tie, offered some words of wisdom to the class. Their conservative antagonists had all gone through rigorous media training at the Leadership Institute, he warned, but now they, too, would be armed with the ammunition to compete.”

If you're ready to compete in the liberal-dominated media, take a television training from the Leadership Institute. Register now for schools on Friday, April 15 and Friday, May 13.