Applications Available for Print and Online Journalists

 Washington, DC, November 16, 2009 -- The Phillips Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2010 Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program. Print and online journalists with less than 10 years of professional experience are eligible. The Foundation created this program to provide fellowships for projects by journalists who share its mission to advance constitutional principles, a democratic society and a vibrant free enterprise system.

 The Phillips Foundation awards $75,000 and $50,000 full-time fellowships and $25,000 part-time fellowships to undertake and complete a one-year project of the applicant's choosing focusing on journalism supportive of American culture and a free society. In addition, the Foundation offers separate yearlong fellowships on the environment, on the benefits of free-market competition, and on law enforcement. There are also Alumni Fund Fellowships funded by donations from current and former Phillips Fellows. Alumni Fund Fellowship winners write one magazine-length article on their topic.

 The Foundation awarded 10 fellowships in 2009: 
Full-time Fellowships
  • Sheryl Blunt for “The Assault on School Choice: How Teachers Unions’ Opposition to Vouchers is Impacting America’s Most Vulnerable School Children” 
  • Michael Dougherty for “Blowup: The Contradictions of the Economic Crisis” 
  • Gary Emerling for “Police State or Probable Cause: The Employment, Effectiveness and Legal Validity of Law Enforcement Checkpoints in the United States” 
  • Evan Hill for “Sanctuary: How the Fate of One Troubled Policy is Shaping the Debate on Immigration.” 
Part-time Fellowships
  • Reilly Capps for “The Continental Divide: How the West’s Geography Carves the Political and Cultural Future of America – or How the Nanny State Took over the Wild West” 
  • James Kirchick for “Transnational Progressivism and the Threat to America” 
  • Christian Lowe for “Answering the Call: Why Some in ‘Generation Y’ Abandon a Life of Comfort and Prosperity to Risk Everything and Fight America’s Wars” 
  • Stephen Morse for “My Two Census” which examines why the 2010 census could become the most controversial data-gathering process in history. 
Alumni Fund Fellowships
  • Katherine Truesdell for “Caught in the Web: an Exploration of the Left’s Power Online and What It Means for the Right” 
  • Robert VerBruggen for “Race and the American Academy,” which explores how American universities study race and racism, how they handle racial issues on campus and how these trends affect the broader society.

The Foundation is looking for journalism projects which are both original and publishable. The winners will deliver four installments with the potential to be published sequentially in a periodical or as a book.

 Applications must be postmarked by February 22, 2010. The winners will be announced next May at an awards dinner at the National Press Club in Washington. The starting date for the fellowships is September 1, 2010. Applicants must be citizens of the United States.

 For an application, visit us here, or contact: The Phillips Foundation, 1 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 620, Washington, DC 20001, Attention: John Farley. Phone: 202-250-3887, ext. 609. E-mail.