Leadership Institute Television Workshop prepares conservatives to capitalize on media appearances.
During the weekend of September 19-20, 2009, eleven activists and future candidates attended the Leadership Institute’s Television Workshop.  Through this workshop, conservatives are given the opportunity to gain valuable in-studio experience and confidence that will allow them capitalize on media appearances and maximize the impact of their message.

“With all the appearances and less than inspired performances, it is almost as if the president has come to believe that if he just keeps showing up on TV over and over and over, his message will carry the day and he will regain control of the health care debate,” says Baltimore Sun TV critic David Zurawik about the president’s most recent appearance on David Letterman.  Just being on television doesn’t mean you are delivering your message effectively as Mr. Zurawik points out.

As the 24 hour cable news cycle churns through talking heads at an almost dizzying pace, owning your message and breaking through the clutter on television is more important than ever.  You may only get a few minutes to explain to thousands of viewers why you decided to attend the Tea Parties, or why you are choosing to run for elected office and you need to make it count.