Campus Reform’s Correspondent Director, Kate Hirzel is Leadership Institute’s Employee of the Quarter
On October 26, 2021, Morton Blackwell announced Kate Hirzel as Leadership Institute’s Employee of the Quarter.

Speaking to a room full of Leadership Institute (LI) staff in LI’s Stephen P.J. Wood Building in Arlington, VA, Morton said:

“Since joining LI in March 2021, Kate has grown the Campus Reform Correspondent Program from fewer than 50 to 159 correspondents, representing 37 states plus D.C. and 114 colleges and universities.

“Not only has Kate set a record for the number of correspondents, but she has also improved the quality of experience for correspondents, facilitating quality training and networking opportunities with notable Campus Reform alumni.

“Thank you, Kate, and congratulations.”

Join Morton and the rest of Leadership Institute staff congratulating Kate on a job well done.

If you’re interested in working with Kate to become a Campus Correspondent for Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform, you can apply here. The Leadership Institute's Campus Reform Campus Correspondent Program recruits, cultivates, and pays conservative student journalists all across the country to investigate and report liberal abuses and bias on college campuses throughout their state.

These student contributors, working as investigative reporters, will work hand-in-hand with Campus Reform's team of professional journalists to develop their writing and reporting skills, build a professional network, and get published in national media outlets.