The Power of Campus Clubs
What happens on high school and college campuses today happens in Congress tomorrow. How does that make you feel?

In a recent interview with the Leadership Institute, Representative David Schweikert of Arizona described his introduction into politics by joining a conservative group on campus, as well as his relationship with the Leadership Institute and Morton Blackwell.

Rep. Schweikert, an elected member of the U.S. Congress, described his coming into politics as an “accident”. 

“In my high school, there was a Teenage Republicans Club, and I ended up accidently at one of the club meetings. The next thing I knew, I was the club treasurer.”

That club membership “demystified” politics, he says, “and made it accessible. So, I ran for the state legislature my first time, when I was 26 years old.”

I too accidentally found politics by engaging with Turning Point USA. 

Rep. Schweikert and I are not alone in this matter. A large percentage of my colleagues here at the Leadership Institute have similar stories and were engaged with the conservative groups on their campuses.

From my time as a Field Representative with LI, I can tell you first-hand the chaos that is the modern-day college campus.

Those of us engaged in politics know how crazy many campuses have become. They are now a breeding ground for socialism and leftism, without any regard for debate.

As a result, many conservative organizations are now organizing on college campuses. These organizations, like the Leadership Institute, organize students and educate them on conservative principles such as free speech, free markets, and limited government.

These conservative organizations offer an opportunity for students to be introduced to politics and conservative principles. They bring the battle of ideas straight to the students.

Representative David Schweikert served in the Arizona House of Representatives for 4 years and is currently serving his 5thterm in the United States House of Representatives, representing Arizona’s 6thCongressional District. He currently sits on the Ways and Means Committee and is the Senior House Republican Member on the Joint Economic Committee. 

Rep. Schweikert has also been a member of the House Freedom Caucus since its inception in 2015 and The Heritage Foundation gives him a generous 98% conservative approval rating based on his time in congress. 

Rep. Schweikert even helped teach some of Leadership Institute’s trainings before he was an elected member of Congress.

What happens on campuses today, happens in Congress tomorrow. How are you and I stacking up in the fight for our futures? Conservatives cannot afford to stay out of this battle.